His Hands

I'm just a writer
Without the miracle of His words.
I'm just a teacher
Whose inspirations might never be heard.
I'm a diamond in the rough
Without Him
I'll never be enough.
I'm just a man
But He holds me in His Hands.
He's a sunrise, a baby's cry
He's in every grain of sand.
I'm just a man
But He holds me in His Hands.

I'm just a bodyFrom my head down to my toes.
And He's the painter
Who brushes life into my soul.
In His light my eyes can see.
In His truth my spirit breathes.
I am a man
But there's Divinity in me.
I am one with Him
The source within
I've always been part of His plan.
He sets me free
With the forgiveness in His Hands

He is everywhere
In all things
He is all One God
All One man

I'm a symphony
He sings through me
Perfect harmony, eternally.
Feels like comin' home
To the love in His Hands
No longer just a man.
Now I understand.
I Am...that great I Am
A miracle in His Hands

Gold Thumb Music Publishing (c) 2011

I'm Every Rose

I'm Every Rose, I'm every thorn.
I'm every rainbow, sunrise, sunset,
Every thunderstorm.
I'm every place, in every face.
I am perfection, I Am grace,
I'm Every Rose

I'm ever voice, in every choice
I Am silence, a whisper, the loudest noise.
I Am your smile, the tears of a child.
I Am acceptance, I Am denial,
I'm Every Rose

I Am the dancer and the dance,
The poet and the poem,
The Painter and the paint, the Sculptor in the stone.
I Am one million violins
I'm where life ends and where life begins
You are the actor, I Am the stage, we are the play.
I Am love, the wood of the cross
I'm Every Rose

I'm every God, in every king.
I Am the passion, the rhythm, the lyric
In every note you sing.
I'm every name, we are One and the same.
From water to wine, I Am Divine
I'm Every Rose.

I Am the thought in every intention.
We are the journey in all directions.
I Am the bliss in each passionate kiss.
I'm Every Rose
I Am the truth.
I'm Every Rose and so are you.

Gold Thumb Music Publishing (c) 2012


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